Oct 23 2003

Country List Complaints

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Why do websites/software never put the Channel Islands in their list of countries? What is the difference between,?
say, the Falkland Islands and the Channel Islands?
Are we not both crown dependancies? Are we not both self ruling? Are we both not outside of the UK and the EU? I?
know it may seem a bit selfish, but I don’t like saying that I live in the UK.
I know we’re not that far from the UK in distance, but France is closer than Guernsey to the UK and nobody is telling?
them that they should call themselves part of the UK!!!

Maybe we’re not big enough? Well, what about Bermuda? St. Helena? San Marino?

So you think I’m complaining for the sake of complaining? Weel I’m not. I’m making a stand and claiming my?
If America could do it with their civil war and declaration of independance (god help us all), why can’t I make my?
stand here and now.
I’ve had enough of the websites that can’t be bothered to make a proper list of countries. I say its discrimination?
and it should be out-lawed!!

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