Mar 09 2004

Two Great Things and One Not So

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This is gonna be damn quick, so here we go. Firstly I have found what at first sight appears to be a very good blog… this one is by Jukka-Pekka Keisala and can be viewed at

The other great thing I have found, thanks to Jukka-Pekka, is a visited countries world map at This system allows you to tell it where in the world you have been and it will generate a map with your selected countries highlighted… GREAT!!!

Visited Coutries

Those of you that know me will probably be able to tell that the map it slightly inacurate… but what they heck, it will be correct soon.

Finally, the not so good thing, and this is rather breif, I would like to point out to those that have never been into the shop, Gruts in Guernsey is one of the worst shops for employee product knowledge. I went in to ask a few simple questions about some propular products. After the first two questions I gave up… needless to say they wont be getting my money. If you ever decide to visit Guernsey, please don’t waste your money in that shop. I beg you.

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