May 02 2006

A brighter future for

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I’m not sure what effect this is going to have on customer service, but it seems that has been bought by BT. The move has been anounced by BT as an attempt to advance their position in the retail sector.

One of the problems that customers currently face with, when they have support issues, is find a eral person to talk to. Several years ago announced they were to drop telephone customer support in favour of email support. This has lead for many customers to days, weeks even months of delays in try to get a refund or a replacement for a defective product.

The website has recently had a face lift which saw the addition of several useful tools for finding the product you require. also seems to consitently offer the best prices and, when they get their act together, delivery is generally quite quick.

If, under BTs management, the customer support can be vastly improved I may even be tempted to shop at again.

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