Jul 18 2005

The Joy of Dabs

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Brilliant! I’ve just had my first hit from the Dabs.com domain in a while… the only question is “Why are they looking at my site?”. Is it a customer services / marketing employee being sent to investigate bad press or is it a disgruntled employee?

Any way, prompted by the appearance of the Dabs.com domain in my logs I decided to have another quick search to see what others have to say about Dabs’ bad customers services. I came upon this amusing story by “Chris”.

Its seems from his experience that if you are having trouble with Dabs.com then you should (failing getting a response from Customer *cough* Services) try contacting Bolton Trading Standards with your complaint. I don’t have the contact details for them but will try and find them. Chris also offers some good advice as to how you handle a complaint with Dabs.com. You should remember to keep a record of all correspondence with Dabs.com and NEVER be abusive otherwise you’ll loose all your rights.

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