Nov 03 2005

Legal Attack On

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A Magistrates court judge in the UK has decided it is legal to launch an email based denial of service (DoS) attack against email servers. The ruling came in a case brought against a teenager who launched an attack against his former employer. The judge decided that although during the attack a large volume of email traffic was being targeted at the server, they could not be said to have caused unauthorised changes as defined by the act.

This brought to thinking about The company has notoriously bad customer services which is handled only via email. How damaging would it be for the company if its customer services department was crippled because it was being flooded by emails?

To be honest I don’t really think that an email DoS could really have much impact on its already appalling levels of service, but its nice to know that we’ve got the legal go ahead to launch such an attack.

So, who’s up for the challenge? (Please note that I am not advocating any illegal activity here!)

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