Sep 15 2004

Intended Recipient?

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How legal is a copyright notice on an email? I have received several auto-response emails from (i can’t be a**sed with linking to them anymore) for the support requests I have sent them about my Canon Ixus 500.

Each of the emails comes with a notice at the bottom saying (and I don’t quote it) that although has sent the email to me, and I am the intended recipient, that I am not allowed to diseminate, disclose or distribute any of the contents of the email. And that remains the sole owner of the copyright of the contents of the email.

Is this true? Does that mean that I am able to claim copyright of the support request that I sent them and can refuse them the right to use it in their management or to store it on their systems once my issue has been resolved?

ps. I tried phoning them but got an automated response saying “Bugger Off!!!” only in slightly more words. I also tried calling the business line and got the same “Bugger Off!!!” response. So, back to the support request page.

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