Sep 16 2004

Dabs is just taking the p**s

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I have just received an email from the support team. I would like to post the whole of the contents of the email here, but due to a copyright notice in the email and the fact that my website is hosted outside of Guernsey I am not able to do this. However, I can disclose my own interpretation of what I believe the email was about.

What f**king muppets!!!!!!

The options they have given me are:

  1. When they get the camera back they will re-send it to France… err… sorry, Guernsey.
  2. I order a new camera and pay for it and when they receive the camera they put it back in their warehouse and refund me.

Ok, fair enough. If I get it next-day courier I might get it on time with the second option… but wait, they’re out of stock!!!!! As a result I’m not getting a camera from them before I head off to Spain.

I’ve sent them an email saying that I would like for them to refund the price of the camera plus the extra that I have to pay to buy the camera locally. Like they’re gonna do that!!! Needless to say I’m not holding my breath.

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