Sep 15 2004 Delivery Problems

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I ordered my brand spanking new Canon Ixus 500 from on the 6th September. It was finally dispatched from their warehouse on the 9th September.

Everyday since then I have been rushing home after work to check to see if my lovely new camera has arrived yet. I’ve also been checking on the Parcel Force tracking website to see if I can find out where the shipment has got to.

Today I finally gave up and phoned Parcel Force to find out where it is. They informed me that they had no record of the shipping number that I was given by I immediately sent a support request to to get them on the case. That was at 9:30am this morning and I haven’t heard back from them.

So what can I do? Hows about phoning them? Err… whats the phone number? Cos it sure as hell isn’t anywhere on their website!!!!

Thanks to the wonderful Askalix website, I was able to do a search for and it gave me their phone number… Great!!! has got until 1pm to get back to my support request otherwise I will be phoning them.

And for those unfortunate people that are having trouble getting hold of, their contact details are:

  • Phone: 0870 4293000
  • Fax: 0870 4297000

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