Sep 16 2004

Not Supprised Really

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26 hours later and still no reply. But I’m not really supprised. is only handling support requests via their online request form and their support staff only work between 9am and 5pm. They also seem to have no conecpt in their support system for prioritising requests… so the honest bloke that received two printer cartridges instead of one will have the same priority as someone that paid several hundred pounds for a camera that has subsequently gone missing.

As a result, not only has genuine support requests coming in, but they are probably being in-undated with complaints about customers… which also appear to have no distinction on their support request form. These complains also have the same priority as the support requests.

Are you seeing the picture? Thats right, the further behind falls with support requests, the more support requests they will receive.

As far as I can tell they have several options:

  1. Provide a priority option on the support form allowing customers to priortise their request.
  2. Make a clear distinction between support and complaint requests.
  3. Keep the support lines open longer, the fact that all communication is done via email means that the support lines could be open 24hrs.
  4. Re-introduce a telephone line. There is nothing more satisfying than talking to a human being, even if the problem gets resolved in the same time frame.
  5. Provide a support tracking system so customers can see how close to the front of the queue their request is

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