Apr 19 2004

Background Movement

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Those of you who are in the know, will know that for PHP developement I use the Xored::TruStudio in Eclipse as my main IDE. You will also know that for some time now Xored has been promising a new version of their TruStudio plugin… but hasn’t been releasing any information about it.

Well, today I was poking around the Xored website and stumbled across this little jem. It would appear to be a Project Plan (I wonder where I got that from) for the future of TruStudio. I have been keeping an eye on the TruStudio bugzilla which has been changing but this confirms that things are going on with TruStudio and hopefully it wont be long before we see another Milestone release of TruStudio 1.0

In other new, check out this account of a trip I took with friends to Jersey on the Easter weekend… I haven’t read it all yet and I didn’t write it, so don’t blame me if theres stuff in there that you don’t think should be.

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