Apr 29 2004

The futures bright, the futures?TruStudio

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So after what seems like an age of silence from Xored about their PHP plugin for the Eclipse IDE framework, I finally got my act?
together and sent an email to Andrey Platov (lead developer at Xored) to ask?
what was happening.

The (rather rapid) response I received seemed quite promising. I can’t?
be bothered to summarise what he said, so I hope he’s not offended by me?
posting his email to me here:

Dear Adrian,

Thank you very much for your letter, it’s great to recieve
kind letters from people who use TruStudio and trust us.

TruStudio future seems to be very positive, after we have
been acquired by UniPro I feel enough support level to
finish TruStudio 1.0 this summer, after Eclipse 3.0 release…

As for open-source – yes TruStudio Foundation will be
open-source project and we plan few commercial TruStudio-based
products, with some add-ons like WYSIWYG HTML editor, etc…
We will not remove any valuable features for PHP Development
from TruStudio Foundation.

As for nightly builds test, you can subscribe to Bug #22:

you will get notified when nightly builds available.

Thank you very much for your interest, and
Kind Regards,


In other news, work is underway on an update to aquasail [dot] net. Whilst the site that is?
there is still a bit messy, I can tell you that work is in progress to bring?
users the latest sail infomation and resources from Guernsey, so keep an eye on?

I’ve…. well, my dad mostly… have finished building a new desk for my?
room. It is made from one sheet of ply-wood and a few screws but I can tell?
you now that its a good-un. For those of you not wanting to fork out a?
fortune on a new desk, I’ll be posting the details of it here so you can have a?
go at making one if you wish.

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