Oct 07 2004

TruStudio 1.0 M5 released

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Dear TruStudio User,

The TruStudio 1.0 M5 was released on October, 6.

Among many bugfixes and improved stability of TruStudio Foundation, we introduce some new TruStudio Professional Features like Type Hierarchy, PHP Search, and other extensions, which gives user more control over source code and development process.

Due to a several reasons we are not ready to introduce debugger in M5. So debugging support is a main goal for upcoming Milestone 6 release which is scheduled to be released later this month.

This “New & Noteworthy” letter is also available at http://www.xored.com/trustudio/news/news_item.2004-10-06.4343258453

For more information about TruStudio — Eclipse-based IDE for PHP and Python scripting languages please visit TruStudio website:

Kind Regards,
TruStudio Development Team

TruStudio 1.0 M5 New and Noteworthy Features

  • Type hierarchy
  • Place the cursor on the name class and choose Navigate > Open Type Hierarchy. In hierarchy view you can see subtype hierarchy, methods and variables of selected class.

  • In-place hierarchy
  • Place the cursor on the name class and press Ctrl+R. The view shows the subtype hierarchy. If you want to see the supertype hierarchy press F5.

  • In-place Outlines
  • Press Ctrl+O in the PHP editor to pop up an in-place outline of the element at the current cursor position.

  • PHP Search
  • If you want search declaration or all references of necessary method:
    open the search dialog and click on the PHP Search tab, in the search string enter method name, select Method and Declarations or References and then click Search.

    Also you can search necessary method from PHP editor, hierarchy or outline view.
    For this you must:
    select method, press right mouse button, choose declaration or references (as you need), press necessary region (workspace, project, etc.)

    All references to the method (or declaration of it) will be highlighted in files, where its present, in your workspace or project (as you choose).

    In search view you can look file names with selected method. For navigate click on necessary file name in this view.

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