Sep 16 2004

xored::TruStudio M4

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I got an email late last night informing me that xored::TruStudio M4 has been released. M4 is available for download from

I haven’t had a chance to download it and try it out, but here is the list of features that are new or improved:

Improved Outline and Script Explorer Views

  • Full PHP5 Support
    Now we support all PHP5 OO specifiers including *abstract*, *virtual*, *protected*, *interface*, etc.
  • Constants Handling
    Defined constants are shown in Script Outline and Script Explorer.
  • Implicit Class Fields
    Scripting languages allow to add new fields to objects with simple assignment at runtime without explicitly declaring them within class. TruStudio detects field write access and shows such fields in Outline and Explorer.

Improved Code Assist

  • Completion on import/include
    Completion on import has been introduced in TruStudio 1.0 M4 in addition to completions on *global*, *class*, *class member*, *constant*.
  • Parameter Hints
    Parameter hints display parameters accepted by method.

Code Inspection

  • Code Analyzers
    Code Analyzers help you to easily detect various inconsistencies in your code. TruStudio manages and configures analyzers in flexible fashion to serve any user and project needs.

    List of problems that are already detected or planned to be detected by TruStudio Code Analyzers.

  • Problem Navigation
    Code Analyzers report problems with problem markers visible in editors, Problem View, Outline and Script Explorer.

JavaScript and VBScript Support

  • Syntax Highlighting
    TruStudio M4 introduces two new editors for JavaScript (*.js) and VBScript (*.vbs) files. JavaScript 1.5 syntax is fully supported, while VBScript syntax support is still a bit incomplete.

Performance Enhancements and Bug Fixes
It is not a secret that TruStudio PHP Editor performance was unacceptably slow for most users. With M4 PHP Editor speed was improved for Win32. There are a few performance issues still unresolved for Linux/MacOSX, which will be resolved in next TruStudio builds.

TruStudio M4 is mostly focused on completion, assist, and bug fixing, so a lot of bugs have been fixed, and new bugs were made… M5 is planned to introduce DBGp multi-language debugging protocol support, initial launching and debugging implementation.

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