Apr 20 2004

I’m Feeling Hacked Off

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Its Tuesday, its 10:40am, I’ve had a coffee and my head is buzzing. So why?
do I feel hacked off? Cos I’ve got variable diplopia, otherwise known as?
Double Vision.

I went to the optition the other day, under the order of my mother (ed:?
man that sucks!) just for him to tell me what I already knew. Sorry thats a?
lie, he told me more than I knew, previously I thought I had simple double?
vision which, if it became unbearable, could possibly be operated on to?
correct. I now find out that it is not simple but complex as it is variable double?
vision, i.e. if they try to correct it with lenses my eyes adjust to the?
lenses and then start wondering off again.

Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be a problem as my brain would?
learn to compensate for this. However, things are never simple in real life.?
Due to the fact that I am a professional programmer I have to spend my days?
glued to a computer screen, the constant focusing on a near object is playing?
havoc with my eyes which, coupled with stress on my brain for solving?
computational problems, is killing my brain.

So after a lovely, brain killing, day at the office theres nothing I?
like more that to return home to a house packed with six people rife with?
bickering and complaining and requesting and noise making. Hmmm… just what the?
doctor ordered!!! Add to that a feeling of tension in my body to do something?
physical such as going for a run, help my dad in the garden or build a desk?
for my room but my brain is nooooooooo moooooore!!!!!

Never fear though, its not all doom and gloom. I have been trying to do?
some online research into Diplopia and have found, amongst others, this?
which has some interesting info on it.

I really don’t want this to affect my work, as I’ve got some blinding ideas?
for new developments. But only time will tell what will happen.

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