Jun 14 2004

Silent apologies

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This is an apology, not for something I have done but for something I have?
been thinking. Soon after we had a move-around here at work my MP3-Player?
went missing (please don’t tell my mum & dad) and as I looked high and low for?
it but couldn’t find it the only conclusion I could come up with was that I?
had left it out at work and that one of the cleaners may have taken a fancy to?

Luckily I am an open minded, optomistic person and only mentioned it in?
passing to my boss but didn’t take it any further… just in case it did turn?
up. But I have still reserved an un-trusting thought for the cleaners.

This morning, however I had to take the drawers out of my desk, and lo?
and behold there was my MP3 player. My respect for the cleaners has now been?
restored in full. They do a good job around the office, especially with the?
amount of coffee I spill! And they’re not thieving b******ds after all.

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