Aug 27 2004

Mojavi Builder – Background

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The reason for the creation of this tool is automate the creation of all the files required to make a Mojavi based PHP application.

Mojavi, available from www [dot] mojavi [dot] org, is an application framework for PHP which is based on the Multi-view controller framework.

A mojavi application is based around the idea of “actions”. An action may have several Views associated with it one of which is used to render the final output based on any data received from the user.

For example, your application may have a “Login” action. You will therefore need to create a LoginAction.class.php file which will contain a php class called LoginAction. This action may specify that is no user input is received then the LoginView_input.class.php should be loaded to generate the output. Otherwise, if data is reveiced and is is correct the the file LoginView_success.class.php is load or, if the data is incorrect, then the file LoginView_error.class.php is loaded.

As you can see, this already requires four files to be generated and thats not including the HTML template files to generate the HTML output or any other required view. As an example, at work I have just created a very simple mojavi application which has required 57 class files to be generated.

The idea behind this tool is to automate as much of the file and code generation as possible. This tool allows you to create a project (at this stage a project is equivalent to a Mojavi application module), create actions for the project, specify the generic details of each action, and specify which views will be required by each action.

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