Oct 22 2004

GMail Drive for Windows

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My good friend Shane has just pointed out a wonderful shell extension for windows called GMail Drive.

It allows GMail users to create a virtual hard drive out of their 1000Mb of GMail storage space… genious!

The only problem I have found with this extension is that when you create folders and files, it starts filling up your inbox, and you have to keep going into GMail to mark them as “Read”.

I have, however, come up with a solution to this. It involves the creation of a simple filter. If you select “Create a filter” from the top of the GMail page, in the subject box enter “GMAILFS:” (without the quotes). On the next page, tick the “Skip the inbox”. You may also want to check the “Apply a label” box and create a new label such as “GMail Drive” to keep all the mails in one place.

Apart from the slow access speed and the fact that files cannot be larger that 10Mb, GMail Drive is a brilliant option for creating an online storage system. If anyone still hasn’t got a GMail account you can drop me a line, as I’ve got another 4 invites going spare.

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