Feb 01 2005

Slashdot is a DDOS Engine

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I’ve started following the goings on of the techie world as seen through the eyes of Slashdot.org.

Whilst this is all very nice and interesting I have also noticed a disturbing trend. In the past two days I have tried viewing sites that have been linked to from Slashdot, only to find that either the site is completely unavailable or they have posted a notice saying that the site is “Currently down for maintenance”.

It seems to me that Slashdot.org is the currently the greatest Denial of Service engine going. If you want to take down a website just get an article posted about it on Slashdot. If you’re the victim of the attack there is virtually no way to protect against it, bar blocking all visitors to your site… at which point there is no reason to have the website in the first place!

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