Apr 05 2005

Has Firefox Surpassed IE?

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According to the logs that are being generated for my website by phpOpenTracker 90% of the visitors to my site are FireFox users.

I should point out that at the moment, until I get a proper WordPress plugin working for phpOpenTracker, I am only recording people viewing articles on my website and that haven’t blocked my webbug. I am therefore not recording search engine crawlers or spammer scripts that don’t pick-up linked files.

My webserver log files seem to think that the balance is 60% IE to 30% Firefox (plus a few others), the difference might be explained by the fact that the spammer scripts send faked IE headers in the hope that websites wont be blocking IE users (apparently 60% of internet users).

Has the world really shifted to Firefox? I don’t think so. The content of my site is mainly of interest to a narrow band of users and they are generally the sort of users that would care about the difference between IE and Firefox. There is still a vast number of internet users out there who don’t know or don’t care about Microsofts (apparent) monopoly on the web browsers and its potential effect of stiffling internet development… but that another story altogether.

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