Feb 23 2005

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As I previously commented on a previous entry of mine I am waiting for Apple to drop the prices of their iPods before I purchase one for myself.

It appears that my prayers have been answered. I had been advised to keep and eye on MacRumors.com by DamienG as they were post rumoured changes to the iPod range.

The changes to Apples iPods are as follows (excluding price changes):

  • The iPod Shuffles stay the same but are reduced in price.
  • The iPod mini Gold is dropped (nobody wanted it).
  • The 4Gb iPod mini is reduced in price.
  • A new 6Gb iPod mini is introduced at a lower price than the 4Gb iPod mini was previously sold at.
  • The 20Gb iPod is reduced in price.
  • The 40Gb iPod is dropped (I guess nobody used 40Gb for just music).
  • A new 30Gb iPod photo is introduced.
  • The 60Gb iPod photo is reduced in price.

Now all I have to do is decide which one I should buy. The 6Gb iPod Mini or the 20Gb iPod? Decisions, decisions!

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