Jan 17 2005

I’m this close to Macification

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With my summer tour through Norway and the release of the Mac Mini computer, I am current waivering on the edge of converting to Macs.

I think I have decided to purchase an iPod Mini. I was tempted by the newly released iPod shuffle but then I thought about it and with the iPod Mini I get all the features of the Shuffle, plus a screen on it and four times the storage capacity… all for just an extra £50.

And whats keeping me from buying a Mac Mini? Well, the price of the box is very reasonable. But then I would have to buy a screen for it (nothing less than a 19″ LCD), and I’d also have to get an external sound card like the Sound Blaster Extigy, not to mention an external TV tuner. So as you can see the cost is starting to rise. Maybe one day I’ll get there, when I not feeling so much of a scrooge.

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