Nov 02 2006

Route For Last Day In Norway

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This post come courtesy of two events that have occured at just the right moment. Firstly, the latest version of Google Earth 4 (4.0.2416 beta) now makes it possible to create paths and polygons in the free version, which was previously only available in the Plus version. Secondly I have just submitted my claim form for the accident I had in Norway in 2005 (don’t ask why its taken so long).

To cut a long story short I have made available the route that I would have taken from Skei (in Sogn og Fjordane) to Bergan on my last day in Norway. Unfortunately I crashed my bike in Skei but now I can use the “Tools -> Play Tour (Ctrl + Alt + P)” to see what I was missing. It looks its best if you have the terrain layer enabled so that you fly through between and over the mountains.


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