Oct 11 2006

Going Digital

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I’ve finally made the leap and have signed up for ADSL. Friends have been saying I should do it for ages now and I am a software engineer and would find broadband incredibly useful. In fact, I haven’t had internet at home since I moved out of my parents back in April.

After consulting, what I consider to be, wise techie people, I have gone with Cable & Wireless. Whilst Newtels offering is cheaper I have heard that its service is not as reliable as C&W, and as I intent to be serving content from my home I would prefer reliability over price.

I’m still unsure as to what OS I’m going to be running on my little server box. It may be Windows to allow me to play with .Net a lot easier, or I may go the *nix route and try and get mod_mono running on it… I could even invest in a Mac Mini!!!! If only it came with a TV tuner and PVR software.

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