Jun 04 2004

Sick PC.

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I’ve been haing a few problems with my computer at home recently. Its been?
dropping my internet connection and Trillian has been running a bit slow and?
loosing connections. And then a couple of days ago my computer went down?
completely. I couldn’t log in and the Dr Watson software was generating?

So what do you do? I tried re-installing windows over itself incase?
some dlls or config files had become corrupted. No luck there! It sorted the?
log in problems but the internet just wouldn’t work and I kept getting?
Messaging Service errors.

Next stop AntiVirus!!! Trying to install anitvirus both confussed me?
and confirmed my suspissions. Basically because it just didn’t want to?
install. In the end I had to use TaskManager to kill just about every process?
running on my PC (including Explorer) use regedit to clean the registery, reboot,?
kill all bar the essential processes again and the install antivirus….?

But wait, the virus definitions are out of date, so I get the antivirus?
to do a live update. Only it can’t find the update server. I try pinging the?
update server but it just comes back to I can ping Google and?
Amazon and Microsoft and a whole host of other sites, no correct that I can’t?
ping a rival antivirus company!

Luckily I know about %WINROOT%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts. The?
cheeky virus! Its gone and add a whole list of sites to my hosts list that?
point back to So I delete those and try live update again…?

Virus Count
Next comes the full system scan. I didn’t get the chance to do a?
complete scan of my system, but as the image shows… I appear to have had a rather?
severe infestation. The antivirus found instances of Wichia and Beagle, and?
thats only half of my system scanned.

I shall do another complete system scan tonight and see what it comes up?
with but the moral of this story is… never think you can be got!


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