Jul 27 2004

So whats happening?

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Not much really… in my computing world. I’ve got a developer version of BeOS running at home, but still can’t get on the internet with it (damn Cable & Wireless DNS servers!). Developing apps at work based around trees (the data structure not the organic living things). But thats about it.

In the real world I’ve got a shed load going on. I’m currently in the Guernsey Yacht Club championship work with the rest of the guys (and gal) on Mystere. We did three races Sunday, we’ve got two races tonight and two on Thursday. Hopefully the winds will stay light so we’ll have a fighting chance.

My friend Yrsa is on her way to Guernsey today. She’s hooked herself a job at the Duke of Richmond hotel as a receptionist for a year.

I’ve also been helping my dad put up a new Jacksons fence in the back garden. Despite one or two minor setbacks it seems to be coming along nicely, and its good to be out helping my dad with stuff like that… its about time I did! Rather than spending all day locked in my room using my computer.

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