Nov 22 2004

Single DVD+-RW into Dual DVD+-RW

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On saturday night I set about the task of finding out if my recently purchased Sony DVD rewritable drive was a single layer (4.3Gb) or double layer (8.6Gb) burner. As it turns out my DVD drive is only a single layer burner. However, I came across an interesting article that demonstrated how this drive could be upgraded to a dual layer drive simply by upgrading the firmware in the drive from Sony firmware to Lite-on firmware.

The located and downloaded all the required software and firmware binaries and followed the instructions to the letter. The result is that M$ Windows XP and Nero both now think that my drive is a Lite-On dual layer dvd burner. Now I just need to get my hands on some discs to test it out.

I haven’t got the links to the files and articles on me at the moment but as soon as I get home this evening I’ll post them here.

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