Mar 01 2005

Getting To Know The Ropes

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I went to the Vale church today as I’m going to have to switch churches in the next month and a half if I want to carry on ringing as thursday night sailing will be start in April.

The bells in the Vale and quite different to the bells in the town church. For starters they are a lot lighter. For starters the tennor bell in the town church is either 14 or 22cwt (I can’t remember which) whereas the tennor in the Vale church is only 6cwt but the bells at the Vale church also have much longer ropes, which means that the hand stroke needs to be pulled reletively harder (or so I’m told).

I started with ringing bell 5 on my own, quickly followed by a round. I got in a bit of a flap but managed to keep it going (with a bit of help).

By the end of the evening I had had a go at ringing bells 2, 4 and 5. I was starting to get used to the difference between these bells and the town bells but I always seem to be correcting myself. Where everyone else appears to be falling straight into the rhythm I seem to be always either over or under pulling and therefore I ahve to correct myself. As with everything it takes practice… I just feel like I’m disrupting everyone elses practice time when they should be practicing their more complex methods. I suppose everyone has to learn at sometime, they probably felt the same when they were learning.

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