Sep 20 2005

Money For Me

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Last Saturday I had the oppertunity to ring at two weddings. I wouldn’t normally have rung for weddings as I am still a bit unsure of my abilities, however there was a Channel Islands District meeting in Alderney on Saturday so they were very short of ringers… enter yours truely :)

First up was a wedding at the Town Church. For this one I was only worried about crashing with other bells and making it sound bad but if I had none of the congregation would have known it was me as the ringers are hidden away in the ringing chamber up in the bell tower, well out of view of the church goers. Luckily everything seemed to go off without a hitch. We were ringing rounds into queens and back, and some simple call changes.

After the ringing I went for lunch with Ingrid (not my mum) at Christies. I felt very under-dressed as I was wearing scruff-stuff as I had been working on my Bandit before ringing. Apart from that fun was had by all I think… I’ll find out Thursday.

Saturday afternoon saw me ringing at the Vale church. This time I had to make a bit of an effort to smarten myself up as the ringers are in full view of the congregation. This time it was all call-changes from rounds to queens (I think) and back. Again, I think that my ringing was quite acceptable.

The good thing about ringing for weddings is that you get paid for it. So that’s netted me a couple of quid for an hour of ringing. I also found out, last night, that there is a wedding at the Vale church this Saturday so naturally I’ve offered my services…. £££!

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