Apr 12 2005

Offer For Sunday

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I’ve been offered the opportunity to go ringing at the town church on Sunday morning. Apparently they only to call changes at the town church as they have several ringers who can only do call changes.

I’ve been coming along quite well with call changes and have been fairly good (I think) at keeping up with the changes, until last night when I suddenly realised that the change that had been called meant that I should be leading which is something I’ve not done before at which point I did absolutely nothing, gave the person that was guiding me a look of sheer panic and mumbled something along the lines of WTF? to myself (I think). Luckily the person calling the changes realised that nothing was happening and changed the call again to put me back in the middle.

After we’d stopped ringing I was given a quick brief as to how to lead the ring… Yeah, right, maybe next week.

Also, there is a district meet on Saturday. It has been suggested that I might be proposed as a provisional Guild Member. I could only become a provisional member as I haven’t run on a Sunday yet. If people were to realise that time is not linear I could be proposed as a full member on saturday… but people are fixed in their ways.

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