Sep 26 2006

TowerEmu – Ringing Software

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TowerEmu Plain Bob Major I just embarked on a project to create a piece of software to help me with my ringing. I want some software that can be used for both planning call changes and for method ringing. I also want to be able to listen to the results and play around with composing touches and quarter peals.

Further to composing methods and call-changes, I have also writen the software in such a way that it will be possible to create a catalogue of towers around the world and the sounds of the bells, so it will be possible to play back a method and it should sound as if it is being rung in a specific tower…. this, however is a long way off, and right now the software only has details of the St Peter Port church bells in Guernsey (my home tower).

The above screenshot is the initial debug output of the results of running through Plain Bob Major.

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