Apr 01 2005

jEdit Is Good

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Under the indirect direction of my good friend Phrixus I have downloaded and installed jEdit, an opensource text editor.

For several years I have been using Editplus as my editor of choice. I have never been able to find an editor that has all the features of Editplus and that loads as quickly and is as easy to use. That may be about to change though as this jEdit program seems pretty tastey.

Whilst the basic install of jEdit doesn’t have all the features I require, it does have an incredibly simple to use plugin manager that allows for easy installation of plugins. What I also noticed, and liked, about jEdit is that although I have already downloaded loads of plugins it doesn’t seem to have an effect on the time it takes to load jEdit. I can only assume that the only load plugins as they are required by the app and therefore only minimal code is loaded at startup…. nice!

The other good thing about jEdit (apart from it being Free), it is written in Java which means that it will work on any OS that has got an implementation of Java 1.3 or 1.4, that means it is useable in Win32, Linux, MacOS, BeOS, etc, etc.

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