Apr 19 2005

Winter Sailing

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I have recently been asked by people when I’ll be starting sailing again this year, to which I generally reply: “Start sailing? I’ve been sailing thoughout the winter!”. This generally get a shocked response along the lines of: “Are you insane?!?!”.

I guess the answer to that you probably be a resounding YES but there is another answer which goes something like this:

Winter sailing is quite easy:

  1. You get dressed up nice and warm
  2. Put more clothes one
  3. Put on thick all-season sailing water-proofs
  4. Have a nice hot cup of coffee
  5. Head out for the sail, all the time thinking “This will be over soon, this will be over soon, this will…..”
  6. When you get back to shore have a nice hot cup of coffee
  7. Go home and get back into bed!

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