Jul 20 2005

How Easy Is It To Make Friends On ICQ?

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I’ve been on ICQ for over 6 years now and during that time I have never tried starting a conversation with a random person, so I thought I’d give it a go. Over the past couple of days I have tried making contact with around twenty people, most of whom never replied – either nobody there or they were ignoring me. Of all the chat requests I sent out I only got three positive responses, two from Germany and one from Hong Kong.

The person from Hong Kong chatted with me for about 5 minutes before going silent and the two from Germany last about twenty minutes before making their excuses and leaving. I have one of the German people added to my contact list but very much doubt I’ll be chatting with them again.

So what are the chances of finding friends on ICQ? I’d say that your best chance of finding a friend on ICQ is for them to make contact with you first, unless you don’t mind taking knock backs. Nevermind, I’m determind to find someone to chat with as I while away my time at work home, so its back to the old Trillian “Find a Chat Partner” for me.

The experiment is cancelled until further notice. All bets are off!!!

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