Oct 05 2005

Warp Delivery

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On Sunday Shane told me about some energy mints that his gf had got for him, from firebox.xom, called Warp Mints. He said that next time I went round to his place I should try them.

I tried waiting, but by Tuesday I just couldn’t resist so I ordered some for myself. I ordered a box of peppermint and a box of Lemon Lime at a total cost of £10. I wasn’t expecting them to arrive until atleast Thursday but probably not until Friday, so I was rather pleasantly supprised when a package from Firebox arrive at wrk this morning.

Its a good job they arrived today as I had rather a late night last night (ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies!) and after just one mint I’m already feeling much more alert.

The good thing about these mints is that they don’t contain any caffine, the energy boost is from Guarana and Ginseng. The Lemon Lime mints also have Green Tea extract in them.

Watch this space for a long term review!

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