Jan 06 2006

MojaviBuilder Source Download

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I’ve finally decided to make the source code for MojaviBuilder freely available. I’m not going to be doing any more work on it (unless directly asked to), so I’m makaing the code available for anyone that wants to tinker with it or completely re-write it if they so desire.

Given that I had only just learnt VB.Net there are a few bits that I’m not terribly proud of, but its mostly alright. It is written in VB.Net for the MS .Net framework 1.1. It should be possible to compile it for the Mono framework without too much difficulty which will give you a cross platform version.

Please note that I did put a fair amount of work into this app so please give credit where credit is due if you re-use any of the code.

You can download the source code directly, or from my downloads page where you will also find links to my other available downloads.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not responsible for any damage to any computer system as a result of software source code or any other media that is downloaded from my website. Every effort has been made to ensure that all downloads are virus free and that no malicious code is included in downloads but it is the responsiblity of the end users to ensure that what they are downloading is safe for use on their computer system.

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