Jan 09 2006

Upgrade Imminent

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I was around at my friends house over the weekend and he showed me some cool tools he’s running.  First up was WordPress 2.0 thats he’s already installed on his server.  I’ve been thinking of doing the upgrade but have left it as I couldn’t see what the benefits were.

OMG. WordPress 2.0 is should be renamed “WordPress-On-Steroids”.  Most of the changes I saw were on the Admin side of things.  Just about everything seemed to be configurable and moveable, with just about everything being AJAXed (not sure if this is a good thing or not yet), but their live previews are just astounding.  As a result I have decided to upgrade sooner rather than later, my site may therefore experience some downtime as the upgrade is being done.

Secondly, he showed me the Performancing plugin for Firefox.  This is a neat plugin that allows you to blog directly from with Firefox.  It opens a split pane document at the bottom of the window so that you can continue browsing whilst you are blogging without needing to switch windows… most excellent!  I’m going to give it a whirl and see how it goes.  There are already a couple of things I have noticed that I am missing from other blogging tools but I’m willing to forgive it if the advantages are big enough.

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