Aug 03 2006 DNA Profile

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This is an old article and the information contained within it may be out of date, not reflect my current views and/or contain broken links. If you feel this article is still valid and requires updating, you can use the contact form to let me know. However, I make no guarantee that it will get updated. dna profileI found a cool site (via Makezine and Digg) that generates a DNA styled profile for a given url. Whilst its not terribly easy to understand what it means, it apparently show how the site is constructed, old style messy HTML or new style clean XHTML, and also about the content, whether it contains mostly text or if there is lots of images and flash.

The site seems to be down at the moment, which is not surprising as it is probably being link to quite heavily having made it onto the Makezine and Digg.

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