Oct 02 2006

GG_Translate Now With Auto-Update

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I’ve just posted a new version of GG_Translate in my download section (0.2.27). Those of you that have downloaded the latest version of the weekend will already have a preview as to whats new in this version. This update adds auto-updating of the plugin as soon as I put a new version online. This is, however, a very beta if not alpha version of the auto-updater.

Please note that in order to use the auto-updater your web-server must be allowed to use the fopen in php to open files on remote servers. If you’re not sure whether it does or not then either just try the plugin and if it doesn’t work revert back to an older version, or you can give me a shout and I’ll help you out.

As always the latest version is available on my downloads page.

I’m also going to write up the instructions as to how to create an auto-updating plugin. I also want to make it so that it is an intelligent auto-updater that doesn’t need to download all the plugin files for each update but only those that have changed.

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