Jan 12 2007

The Cycle of Synchronisation

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My sister recently bought herself a new phone, a Samsung X830, and, as with all thing techie, I said I’d help her and transfer her contacts from her old phone, a Nokia 5210, onto the new phone.  Normally I’d advise people to transfer all the contacts from the old phone onto the SIM card and then, on the new phone, from the SIM into the phone.  However, she has slightly more than the SIM limit of 100 contacts.

Enter the PC and a rather long winded synchronisation process.  I don’t have a Nokia data cable to connect the Nokia to the PC but I do have an IrDA adaptor (the 5210 doesn’t do Bluetooth) so I was able to copy the contacts off the phone with Nokia Logo Manager (NLM).  Because NLM doesn’t work with with the Samsung I had to export the contacts to a CSV file.   I then had to clean up the CSV file using Editplus because NLM appends a “:” to all the phone numbers it exported, which I guessed the Samsung wouldn’t like, I also cleared out loads of other rubbish – I love regular expressions.

Next I tried using the Samsung PC Suite to import the CSV file but it didn’t like that for some reason.  In the end I had to use the Windows Address Book (after exporting and deleting all my contacts) to import the CSV and then export a .wab file.  I could then use the PC Suite to import the .wab file and transfer the contacts to the Samsung X830 via Bluetooth.

Simple!  Now I’ve just got to get her MobiBLU cube setup with some music.  She’s only had it for a year now.

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