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Mar 17 2008

Evernote Invitations

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Evernote has opened up invitations slightly.  Previously anyone wanting a beta account had to request an invitation from Evernote.  Now, Evernote has given every user 5 invitations to give away.I’ve decided to give away 3 of my invitations to anyone that wants.  Just leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you with an invitation.  I’ll be keeping 2 invitations back in case any of my close friends haven’t yet got in on the Evernote goodness.

UPDATE: I’ve got 5 more invitations to give away.  Leave a comment and I’ll send one to you. 

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Mar 13 2008

Response To

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I just noticed an incoming link to my site coming from a blog post over at  In the post the author discusses how he came upon moniker of “Purveyor of Fine Words”. The post appears to have come about after a discussion with a mystical C.M.

One of the points he makes in his post is regarding the prevalent use of self-deprecating monikers that blog authors use and  cites my use of Randomised Nonsense:

Well, I chose the tagline ‘purveyor of fine words’ as a response to the typical self-deprecating blog name that is so common these days — ones that mix and match words like ‘rambling’, ‘thoughts’, ‘random’, ‘drivel’, ‘brain farts’. I subscribe to one blog that is titled, “Continuing Intermittent Incoherency“, which sounds like the author picked up some kind of Mad-Lib for blog names for inspiration. “Randomised nonsense? and “The Solipsistic Sayings of a Random Infidel? also seem to have been derived from the same template.

This has got me thinking about whether I should change my blogs moniker.  I started using Randomised Nonsense back in 2000/1. At the time I was really posting about anything and everything and really was random and mostly nonsense to readers other than myself.

However, in recent times I have tried to make my postings more logical and with a purpose, although they do still cover a wide range of topics such as local events, photography, programming and bell ringing.  I feel that a change of moniker is called for and, having read the article on I can see that I will have to think about this carefully.  It needs to be something positive and inspirational, something to capture the self improvement that I am aiming to achieve.

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Mar 11 2008

Evernote Mac Interface

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Evernote has just released an Mac OS X version of the interface to the Evernote application.  I haven’t had a chance to test it yet as I work in a Windows only office but I shall be testing it as soon as I get home.

This must be news hot off the press as they haven’t posted any information about it on their blog yet!

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Mar 04 2008

Evernote IMAP Interface

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I just noticed today on the Evernote blog (I really need to subscribe to their RSS feed) that they have got an IMAP interface into their system.  This makes it easy to access your notes through any email client that has IMAP support, such as Apple Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird.  Also, any folders that you have set up in Evernote for filing your notes will show up in your email client.

The settings for the IMAP interface aren’t terribly well advertised but can be found in Getting Start and Help section on the IMAP instructions page.

The guys at Evernote have also added an instruction video on how to use the web clipper in Firefox 2 and IE7.  They’ve bumped it up to the top of the page to make it more obvious but forgot the update the reference to the desktop version in the Good, Better, Best bit, as the desktop download is now below the web clipper not above ;)

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Mar 01 2008

More Evernote Observations

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I’ve just noticed that appears to be using Amazons S3 storage service.  It is certainly using it for the desktop application downloads so it is only natural to assume that they’re using it for the main application data storage.

It seems to be the current trend for start-ups to be using third party storage services such as Amazons service.  By using a service like this the startups can benefit in several ways, no storage hardware overheads. Whilst disk drives are cheap providing a robust backup and fail-over infrastructure is not.  Also, having all the heavy weight lifting-and-shifting down by Amazon will reduce the bandwidth costs for the startup.

Of course this sort of service comes at a cost, the question is whether the cost of the service is less than the cost of setting up and maintaining your own systems.  For a startup such as I’m guess the Amazon services would win without a contest.

As with all things there is a downside to using a storage service:  you’re at the mercy of Amazon for data access.  If their servers go offline all you can do is wait for them to restore service, there’s no shouting at your own techs to get the backup server online.

P.s.  Any chance of an early preview version of the MacOS dektop client?

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