Mar 01 2008

More Evernote Observations

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I’ve just noticed that appears to be using Amazons S3 storage service.  It is certainly using it for the desktop application downloads so it is only natural to assume that they’re using it for the main application data storage.

It seems to be the current trend for start-ups to be using third party storage services such as Amazons service.  By using a service like this the startups can benefit in several ways, no storage hardware overheads. Whilst disk drives are cheap providing a robust backup and fail-over infrastructure is not.  Also, having all the heavy weight lifting-and-shifting down by Amazon will reduce the bandwidth costs for the startup.

Of course this sort of service comes at a cost, the question is whether the cost of the service is less than the cost of setting up and maintaining your own systems.  For a startup such as I’m guess the Amazon services would win without a contest.

As with all things there is a downside to using a storage service:  you’re at the mercy of Amazon for data access.  If their servers go offline all you can do is wait for them to restore service, there’s no shouting at your own techs to get the backup server online.

P.s.  Any chance of an early preview version of the MacOS dektop client?

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