Feb 29 2008

Evernote Gets IE7 Support

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I see from the Evernote blog that they now have support for IE7. I’m assuming that given the fact both desktop and mobile clients released so far have been for Windows and that IE is the second browser (after Firefox) to be officially supported, they are probably primarily a Windows based development company. Either that or they can astute enough to realise that Windows offers the largest user base.

This seems to go against the grain of most Web2.0 startups that seem to favour the [assumed] more tech savvy users of Linux and MacOS.

I was surprised, however, to see that they are running on Apache Tomcat, a Java based web server and development platform. From the look and feel of the application I would have said it had more of a ruby-on-rails feel about it. They do seem to be using a real hodge-podge diverse range of technologies though, the main app is Java, the front/about site is PHP (and I’m disappointed to see that it’s PHP 4.4.0 – come on guys PHP4 support is going to be dropped soon) and the blog is perl powered TypePad.

I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad sign, all I know is that I’m impressed with it so far and I can’t wait to get a desktop interface to run on my MacBook Pro and a J2ME interface for my mobile :)

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