Mar 13 2008

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I just noticed an incoming link to my site coming from a blog post over at  In the post the author discusses how he came upon moniker of “Purveyor of Fine Words”. The post appears to have come about after a discussion with a mystical C.M.

One of the points he makes in his post is regarding the prevalent use of self-deprecating monikers that blog authors use and  cites my use of Randomised Nonsense:

Well, I chose the tagline ‘purveyor of fine words’ as a response to the typical self-deprecating blog name that is so common these days — ones that mix and match words like ‘rambling’, ‘thoughts’, ‘random’, ‘drivel’, ‘brain farts’. I subscribe to one blog that is titled, “Continuing Intermittent Incoherency“, which sounds like the author picked up some kind of Mad-Lib for blog names for inspiration. “Randomised nonsense? and “The Solipsistic Sayings of a Random Infidel? also seem to have been derived from the same template.

This has got me thinking about whether I should change my blogs moniker.  I started using Randomised Nonsense back in 2000/1. At the time I was really posting about anything and everything and really was random and mostly nonsense to readers other than myself.

However, in recent times I have tried to make my postings more logical and with a purpose, although they do still cover a wide range of topics such as local events, photography, programming and bell ringing.  I feel that a change of moniker is called for and, having read the article on I can see that I will have to think about this carefully.  It needs to be something positive and inspirational, something to capture the self improvement that I am aiming to achieve.

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