Sep 03 2008

VMWare Fusion 2 RC

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I’ve finally upgraded VMWare Fusion on my Mac to the latest release candidate for version 2. I had been holding out for the final version but I got tired of waiting.

The main reason for upgrading was that I’m using VMWare Fusion for running Windows 2008 Server on MacOS as my work development machine. The downside of using VMWare Fusion 1.x is that whilst 2008 server will run very happily, it doesn’t have support for audio.

Normally this wouldn’t both me as I normally watch BBC iPlayer, YouTube, etc. under MacOS. However, I’ve been doing some SharePoint research and watching a lot of SharePoint related screencasts and it has been really awkward flicking between watching a screencast on one virtual desktop and trying out code on another – I didn’t want to use Unity because I like my development desktop to be free from clutter and my MacOS desktop is very cluttered.

I also wanted to try VMWare Fusion 2 as it says on the tin that it is much more resource efficient. When you’re running MacOS native and two or three VMs, you need to start thinking about what effect that is going to have on performance. I’ve been tweaking CPU and memory settings on the VMs to the n’th degree but my system still drags when starting and stopping VMs… maybe a new MacBook Pro will be required ;)

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