Dec 08 2003


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I may be wrong, but if you are the victim of a Denial of Service attack from a user who is on the same ISP as you, your obvious first port of call should be your ISP. Not according to Cable & Wireless, Guernsey. Well, come 1pm last Friday I became aware of a SMURF attack originating from IP Address which (follwing a not too difficult PING) was found to be a Cable and Wireless broadband user in Guernsey.Upon contacting Cable and Wireless we were informed that they could only do anything about this attack if you could prove exactly what time (down to the second) the attacks were occuring. Well, let me put it this way, they have been happing for the last hour (from our router logs) and they still happening now!

So what did Cable & Wireless do? Nothing!!!

Any way to cut a long story short, and believe me it is a very long story, we finally installed a new router at our end which was better at blocking the SMURF attacks, thats was at about 7pm, with the attacks still coming in thick and fast from and that seemed to hold it off.

We’re still waiting for Cable & Wireless to do anything. Despite the fact that the attack is against the law in guernsey. And despite the fact that we have documented evidence of the attack. And despite the fact the Cable & Wireless have acknowledge the fact that the source of the attack was from one of their users.

The only conclusion that I can come to about this whole fiasco is the Cable and Wireless, Guernsey, and a monumentally dumb group of IT no-hopers who know the first thing about internet security.

But then maybe thats a good thing ;)

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