Feb 27 2004

MySQL Control Center

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Way off topic, but what the heck…

I’ve been using MySQL DBMS at work, basically pointing out to the guys
here how amazing it is, only the issue of basic DB setup and maintenance
work has arisen.

Previously I’ve used phpMyAdmin. But when you start working with MySQL
properly, rather than just “playing” with it, using a web-based interface
just doesn’t cut it.

I had previously tried using the MySQL GUI, but it just up to much.
The interface was a bit naff and it just didn’t feel nice to use. But I
decided to take another look at the MySQL download sites. And what should
I find but a new tool call MySQL Control Center (not that new actually),
and what a blinding good tool it is.

MySQL Control Center offers all the functionality of phpMyAdmin, but in
a windows based application and about a thousand times faster (not a
offically tested).

The moral of the story? If you’re going to be working with MySQL don’t
just settle for the first administration tol you find, you may be
supprised to see what else is available.

The MySQL Control Center and more information about the MySQL DBMS can
be found on MySQL [dot]
. For information about using databases for websites you should
have a look at PHP [dot]

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