Dec 11 2003

George is Born

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I’ve been talking about doing this since Easter ’03 but now I’ve finally got around to it. I have created my own propgramming language. Its based on the BrainF**k language which was originally devised by Urban M?ller, whose goal was apparently to create a Turing-complete language for which he could write the smallest compiler ever, for the Amiga OS 2.0. (for more on BrainF**k see The BrainF**K Programming Language or ).

George is similar in many ways to BrainF**k, however it add on it in several ways, firstly it contains comment structure to allow easy identification of comments. It also adds an if/else control structure as well as a loop structure.

I will be adding a site for George as soon as I have time, but currently I only have a subset of the George statements implemented.

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