Apr 16 2004

VB George Interpreter

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GeorgeI’ve just created an interpreter for my progamming language, George. Its very basic atm., and it is a little slow to run but I have got big plans for it.

You can grab a copy of it from here. It requires VB 6 Runtime files which you have the option to download when you run the George setup wizard, but most people probably wont require them.

Please note that this is very much a work in progress, and there a quite a few bugs in it… I know – I wrote the thing.

If you want more information on what George is and how to write programs in George, you should have a look at the online George interpreter, or download my PHP George interpreter and read the documentation. If you’re still confused then don’t panic…. cos I’m confused to.

Please note…. the VB interpreter does take a long time to load.. this is because I have to load a MSFlexGrid with 10000 rows, which seems to take a while. I shall be replacing it with another much faster grid in the near future.

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