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Jul 27 2004

So whats happening?

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Not much really… in my computing world. I’ve got a developer version of BeOS running at home, but still can’t get on the internet with it (damn Cable & Wireless DNS servers!). Developing apps at work based around trees (the data structure not the organic living things). But thats about it.

In the real world I’ve got a shed load going on. I’m currently in the Guernsey Yacht Club championship work with the rest of the guys (and gal) on Mystere. We did three races Sunday, we’ve got two races tonight and two on Thursday. Hopefully the winds will stay light so we’ll have a fighting chance.

My friend Yrsa is on her way to Guernsey today. She’s hooked herself a job at the Duke of Richmond hotel as a receptionist for a year.

I’ve also been helping my dad put up a new Jacksons fence in the back garden. Despite one or two minor setbacks it seems to be coming along nicely, and its good to be out helping my dad with stuff like that… its about time I did! Rather than spending all day locked in my room using my computer.

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Jul 14 2004

MojaviBuilder release 6

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I’ve just made my sixth release of MojaviBuilder. This is yet another fix on the code generation function, to make sure that existing files to not get over written when you re-generate a project.

I have also been asked why in the View::Execute function I use getAttribute(‘Renderer’);”);?> instead of as is shown in the Mojavi framework documentation et al. This is because I use a Filter to set up a global Renderer, my reasons for this are [1] reduced code replication as you’re not creating and setting up the Renderer in each and every view, and [2] greater Renderer independance, as you can change the Renderer that is being used by simply changing it in the Filter… simple!

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Jul 13 2004

Bed time banter

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This is just a quick update before I head to bed. Just to let people know (if anyone reads this before I get to work) that I will be posting a new version of MojaviBuilder in the morning. There are people to thank so I’ll do that when I’ve got a bit more time.

Also, I’ve been keeping an eye on my log files and I’ve noticed that my site has been hit by some recurring search engine querries. Those people that are looking for information about the Mojavi MVC framework for PHP should take a look at www [dot] mojavi [dot] org and if you’re looking for help with Mojavi you should go to the forum section the people there are waiting to help you and they don’t bite, really!

People have also been hitting my site looking for information about Xored::TruStudio and the Eclipse development platform. You should take a look at www [dot] xored [dot] com and www [dot] eclipse [dot] org respectively. If you’re looking for the nightly builds of TruStudio, take a look at www [dot] xored [dot] com [slash] builds, when viewing a build you can get information about the compilation by appending testResults.php to the end of that nights build url, for example the testResult url for the current build is (please note that they are currently having some problems with the build server).

Finally, and still with the Eclipse theme, Xored::TruStudio searchers may find an interesting site to look at. Its got a good run-down of hundreds of plugins for Eclipse, so go take a look and let me know if you find anything of interest

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Jul 07 2004

Appalling Reporting

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Yesterday, like most other days, I went home at lunch time for a nice relaxing cup of tea and to read the newspaper (See whose been in court for speeding). Only yesterdays Guernsey Evening Press had the heading "Bayonet charge soldier a hero"!

This article was celebrating the murder of Iraqis in a hand to hand battle with British soldiers. Now whilst I’m sure the British soldiers involved did what they had to do in the situation in order to save themselves, I’m sure there are better ways of reporting it than say what a wonderfull thing it is that they have done.

I’m supprised that the Guernsey Evening Press didn’t publish the number of people that were actually killed by the Guernsey man that was involved in the battle… or maybe they would have if they had been able to obtain the figure.

There was no mention of the famillies of the Iraqis that had been murdered! There was no mention of the fact that the war in Iraq is an illegal war. The reported obviously never gave it a moments thought that if the war hadn’t been waged then the Iraqis that are now dead might still be alive.

This article really was the worst piece of thoughtless drivel that I have ever read (probably because I don’t read the Sun) and I’m ashamed that it appear on the front of my local paper.

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Jul 02 2004

More app development

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Is it July already??? My god, I’ve got so much to do but I keep running out of time so I’ll keep this short.

Just wanted to let folks know that I’ve started work on porting my MojaviBuilder app to PHP-GTK. Development is a little slow as my proper job has to take priority. But in my research about PHP-GTK I cam across this little gem of an article about skinning GTK apps in PHP using XPM.

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