Jul 07 2004

Appalling Reporting

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Yesterday, like most other days, I went home at lunch time for a nice relaxing cup of tea and to read the newspaper (See whose been in court for speeding). Only yesterdays Guernsey Evening Press had the heading "Bayonet charge soldier a hero"!

This article was celebrating the murder of Iraqis in a hand to hand battle with British soldiers. Now whilst I’m sure the British soldiers involved did what they had to do in the situation in order to save themselves, I’m sure there are better ways of reporting it than say what a wonderfull thing it is that they have done.

I’m supprised that the Guernsey Evening Press didn’t publish the number of people that were actually killed by the Guernsey man that was involved in the battle… or maybe they would have if they had been able to obtain the figure.

There was no mention of the famillies of the Iraqis that had been murdered! There was no mention of the fact that the war in Iraq is an illegal war. The reported obviously never gave it a moments thought that if the war hadn’t been waged then the Iraqis that are now dead might still be alive.

This article really was the worst piece of thoughtless drivel that I have ever read (probably because I don’t read the Sun) and I’m ashamed that it appear on the front of my local paper.

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